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20km Stratospheric Wind Profiler Radar

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Probecom cooperates with famous Chinese insitutes and famous universities to developt meteorological radar products. Product list include stratospheric wind profiler radar, S band dual Polarization weather radar, C band dual polarization full coherent weather radar, boudray layer wind profiler radar, low-level wind profiler radar, low level wind shear alert system, troposheric wind profiler radar, mobile millimeter wave weather radar system, clound & Fog detection and prediction system, comprehensive meteorological system.

The 20km stratospheric wind profiler radar adopts solid-state active phased-array technology to continuously and automatically detect the air current distribution of three-dimensional atmospheric wind field between 1km and 20km in the form of remote control and unattended state. It can give time-altitude profiles of atmospheric horizontal wind direction, wind speed. vertical air current speed and atmospheric refraction structural constant cn2. The radar can

automatically monitor the operating state of all its assemblies. automatically store meteorologic data and provide functions of remote operating and browsing.

stratospheric WPR-20KM

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