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Technical Support
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Technical Supports

Technical Services:

Probecom has been innovative and developed since it was founded, and now Probecom has the capability of antenna design and production, microwave component design and processing. Probecom not only has the antenna production line, microwave dark room, microwave laboratory, high grade microwave test instrument, but also has the antenna far field test field, offering the most guaranteed test conditions for the antennas.

Customer first is Probecom’s service principle. We have a complete service system from the pre-sales to after-sales which gain approval form our customer after we offer excellent service.

Probecom’s sale teams keep tracking with customers’ demands and tailor different products to customers.

Pre-sales Service:

* Provide satisfied technical guidance

* Choose the size of antenna according to customer’s requirement

* Customer-tailored design of the antenna according to environment, temperature, humidity, alkalization and wind force.

* Design antenna communication system.

* Meet customer’s special requirement.

* Offer clients other supports

Probecom’s R&D team has rich experience and strict attitude to work. They provide excellent technical support to customers around the world, from installation to acceptance, from debugging and provisioning, pursuing the perfect state.

Project service:

* Antenna site selection.

* Measure station site interruption

* Antenna installation and adjust

* Antenna electrical performance test

* Antenna system set up

* Antenna system upgrade

* Antenna system maintenance

Probecom has a complete set of after-sales service system, adopts the principle two to one service, that is one client has one sale and one technician beside to supports for the after-sales service. Deal with customer problems in a timely manner. Make the customer feel the support is around all the time.

After-sales service:

* Antenna failure analysis and troubleshooting.

* 7*24 technical service.

* Timely e-mail response.

* Provide on-site solution.

* In order to enable customers to master antenna systems better, Probecom’s technicians offer projects’ train to customers.Make sure customers know how to correctly maintain and operate the antenna system, this can make the antenna system work longer time and have more stable system.

Customer Training

* Microwave theory training

* Antenna basic knowledge training

* Antenna control system training

* Antenna maintenance

* Common system troubleshooting