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OTM&Maritime antenna

80cm maritime antenna PM80A

Probecom 80cm maritime antenna cover
probecom 80cm maritime antenna design

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Probecom newly developed 80cm Ku band maritime antenna, applies to Internet access, Real-time Data Monitoring, VOIP, Video conference, guidance of remote maintenance fleet management, big data platform

Standard VSAT, 80cm Dish Diameter , Ku band, 3 Axis Stabilized and 4-Axis Tracking


* Ensure Seamless Internet Access, automatically switching between VSAT and 4G System

* Support blacklist and whitelist setting

*Optional Access Control between local and remote, firewall ensures data security

* Support users check detailed bill manually and automatically

* Detailed List from Satellite Operator to ensure clear consumption

Probecom 64cm maritime antenna2
Probecom maritime antenna solution

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