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  • Phased Array Antenna

    At present, phased array antennas on the market are generally classified into three categories: The first type: horn array phased array The second type: microstrip phased array The third type: liquid crystal phased array The basic principle: After th
    2024-05-31     122
  • Probecom Service Antenna Test -2.4m C Band Fixed Earth Station

    Probecom has a professional technical engineering team with rich experience and rigorous working attitude. From antenna siting to equipment installation and commissioning, as well as final on-grid testing, it is available worldwide. Project service:
    2024-05-28     120
  • Satellite and UAV converged communication

    With the rapid development of intelligent technology, UAV has also become an extremely important equipment in the communication network. Today, we mainly introduce the tethered UAV series. What is tethered UAV? Tethered UAV system is a multi-rotor UA
    2024-05-13     179
  • Return Loss to VSWR Conversion Table

    Return Loss Definition :Return Loss (RL) refers to the ratio of the power reflected back by an RF input signal to the power of the input signal. As we all know, In the ideal source case, the antenna matches the impedance of the RF circuit exactly, an
    2024-05-10     172
  • Probecom flyaway terminal satellite transmission system

    Probecom has its own far field, which can carry out antenna test below 2.4m, the company has 40G signal source, spectrum analyzer, vector net, horn, turntable and other test equipment. The company's products will be strictly tested before leaving the
    2024-05-07     172
  • Waveguide Device

    Usually our customers inquire about the waveguide inquiry, sometimes there will be some customers have some questions. We summarize the customer's problems as follows: 1. I would like to purchase waveguide, what requirements do I need to provide you?
    2024-04-29     226
  • Details see quality

    2024-04-26     234
  • Probecom cutomized Flyaway antenna

    Probecom is a satellite communications product solution provider that supports customized requirements, including multi-band, multi-size, manual and automatic satellite communications equipment. At the same time can be customized, from design ,machin
    2024-04-22     198
  • Antenna Pointing angle Calculation

    2023-04-18     851
  • Antenna components

    Probecom not only produces fixed earth station antennas (C, Ku, S, X, L, Ka band satellite antenna from 2.4m to 13m) and different size and material flyaway antenna, but also provides antenna componets with extremely high cost-effectiveness, such as:
    2022-07-22     1394