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Remote Sensing & Telemetry

9.0m Ka Band

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Probecom provides antenna system rangind from 1.8m to 18.5m for satellite measurement and control, used in communication satellites, commercial satellites, scientiific satellites and manned spacecrafts from telecontrol and telemetry system, tracing and monitoring with features of high-efficiency, low sidelobe, wide frequency and monopolse automatic tracking. Probecom also provides feed system in various frequency, includes C band, Ku band, S band, L band, X band, C/X band and so on.

Probecom's Ka band antenna in X/Y pedestal structure is designed for low orbit satellite. It is dual shaped ring-focus antenna, has high accuracy, low weight and high stability. Antenna main reflector is made in corrugated horn feed, antenna pedestal is full motion X/Y type, both axes uses large gear transmission, gives high structural rigidity and pointing accuracy.


Main Functions:

a)Monopulse tracking system

b)Full motion X/Y pedestal

c)Extreme axis speed and accelerated speed

d)Quick pointing and tracking satellite

e)Up to 10 satellite for automatic pointing

f) Customized specific band

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