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OTM&Maritime antenna

P6500 On The Move Antenna

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P series On The Move Antenna System:

The P series On The Move Antenna is built to track a single satellite while mounted on a stationary or moving vehicle at anywhere/anytime on the road.

The P series On The Move Antenna is highly efficient, low-profile, rugged vehicle roof-mounted SATCOM Ku-Band antenna capable of on-the-move broadband communication. The unit provides continuous broadband connectivity (voice, video and data) at highway speeds without antenna deployment delays.  The antenna automatically acquires and tracks the desired Ku-band satellite using open-loop and closed-loop tracking and software algorithms.  The P series On The Move interfaces to a modem that is installed internal to the vehicle.

 P series On The Move Antenna Applications:


* Off-road vehicle tracking

* High-speed internet access

* VoIP communications

* Teleconferencing

* Wide area private network extension

* Video broadcasting

P6500 is a brand new product designed to meet this requirement, it adopts series of new technology, like: stable tracking system, conical scanning peak value tracking, narrow band satellite beacon identification technology, high performance antenna flat wave guide array type antenna reflector, high accurate GPS/INS integration attitude azimuth measurement technology, flexible antenna remote control technology, 100Hz attitude and navigation data real time output, high wave permeability antenna radome, rather low profile design, etc.

P6500 specification on the move_datasheet

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