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Meteorological Radars

GPS Sonde

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Probecom cooperates with famous Chinese insitutes and famous universities to developt meteorological radar products. Product list include stratospheric wind profiler radar, S band dual Polarization weather radar, C band dual polarization full coherent weather radar, boudray layer wind profiler radar, low-level wind profiler radar, low level wind shear alert system, troposheric wind profiler radar, mobile millimeter wave weather radar system, clound & Fog detection and prediction system, comprehensive meteorological system.

GPS sonde can perform the weather forecast accurately together with a meteorological radar by measuring and acquiring the meteorological parameters of an air area, such as temperature, relative humidity, air pressure and wind speed. It is also used for the atmospheric meteorological research including the atmospheric boundary layer correction

Main technical specifications

 Temperature measurement range

 +50 ~ -90

 Accuracy of temperature


 Humidity measurement range

 0~100% RH

 Accuracy of humidity

 5%RH above -40℃) 8%RH(below -40)

 Air pressure measurement range

 1080 ~ 5hpa

 Accuracy of air pressure

 2hpa (1080 ~100hpa)  1hpa (100~ 3hpa)

 Accuracy of wind speed


 Accuracy of wind direction


 Measurement period


 Modulation Mode




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