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Meteorological Radars

X Band Dual Polarization Weather Radar

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Probecom cooperates with famous Chinese insitutes and famous universities to developt meteorological radar products. Product list include stratospheric wind profiler radar, S band dual Polarization weather radar, C band dual polarization full coherent weather radar, boudray layer wind profiler radar, low-level wind profiler radar, low level wind shear alert system, troposheric wind profiler radar, mobile millimeter wave weather radar system, clound & Fog detection and prediction system, comprehensive meteorological system. 


X band weather radar is mainly used to obtain reflectivity factors, radial velocity, velocity spectrum width and polarization parameters of cloud and rain targets within an effective range. It is a powerful tool for the analysis of medium-scale and small-scale weather systems, warning of severe convection and formulate short-term weather forecasts. It can be used for the real-time monitoring and warning for medium-scale and small-scale storms, hails, strong wind shears, cyclones, tornadoes, high winds and other disastrous weather.


Forecast of approaching weather and monitoring of disastrous weather for meteorological departments at all levels;

Weather modification;

Atmospheric physics research;

Aviation and military meteorological support;

Water conservancy, agriculture, transportation, salt fields, etc.

System Features

The system uses the all-solid-state design with small size, light weight and high reliability;

The system uses dual-sending and dual-receiving polarization technology that can obtain more parameters with high precision in rainfall estimation;

The system uses phase coherent pulse compression technology with high distance resolution;

The system uses a digital receiving and servo system under flexible control with good reliability;

The system uses the shelter-in structure with strong mobility, which can meet the needs of field detection.

X band

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