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Ka Antennas

2.4m Ka Band Antenna

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Probecom 2.4M Ka band antenna adopts all aluminum re-enforced reflectors, consisting of precisely formed panels with matched radials and hub assemblies, ensure the ease of installation. The standard designed azimuth over elevation pedestal provides a cost-effective solution for high stiffness and stability, full orbital arc coverage and fine drive performance, and ensures the pointing accuracy for Ka-Band.

It is widely and ideally used for Broadcasters, Service Providers, GSM operator, Satellite operator, Military and Government Agencies, FreeLands or Rescue Organizations.


2. Highlighted Features


*High RF performance


*High gain, low sidelobes, low cross polarization


*Galvanized stainless steel hardware


*Different frequency ranges from many feed configurations


3. Options


*Full motion antenna


*Feed blower or deicing with automatic controls


*Two or four Tx/Rx port in linear or circular polarized feeds


*Installation and maintenance services


4. Antenna Accessory


Motorization Kits


Limit Switches


ODU Support Kits


Factory Feed System Testing and Documentation


Ocean /Air Transport Packing


Foundation Kit


Grounding Kit Cable-Mounting Kit


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