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Antenna Controllers

AC3000E Antenna Control System(AC Control System)

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The Pobecom Model AC3000E Antenna Control Unit enables satellite earth station antennas to accurately track geostationary and Inclined orbit satellites up to 5 degree.

AC3000E antenna control system is designed with the latest digital processing technology, the most precise antenna pointing, high reliability and maximum flexible system configuration.

The system is remotely controllable over Ethernet via TCP/IP or various serial ports (, RS-232, RS-485.)


*Key Stroke Operation

*Two speed driver(high for slew ,Low for tracking)

*VFD display

*50 Satellite Positions Preset , 50 Look angle Preset

*Three Axis Control for Az and EI .Polarization as a option.

*Software and hardware travel limit switches ensure the safety operation.

       *Remote control over Ethernet or Various serial port

 Modes of Operation 


 * Manual(High/low speed control)

 * Step tracking

 *Move to look angel or satellite

 * Learning optimization tracking(LOP)

 (it can track synchronous satellites

 with inclined angle5°)(optional)

 *Command mode (optional)

 *Program tracking mode (optional)

 *Scanning mode (optional)

  Tracking Accuracy

 Better than 10% receive 3dB beamwidth RMS in Step Tracking

 Nominally 7% receive 3dB beamwidth RMS with LOP Tracking

 Position display resolution0.001°



 Controls / Interfaces

 Front panel Local control

 Remote: Ethernet, TCP/IP

 Serial: RS-485, RS-232

 Receiver Interface: 0-10 VDC

 ADU: Standard Drive Interface

 Alarm: Summary output


 Temperature: 0 to 50° C

 Humidity: 95% non-condensing


 ACU: 100-240 VAC,47-63 Hz 100 W typical

 ADU: Motor Size: 1-5 HP standard

Larger sizes available


 ACU:Height: 7” (1 Rack Units)

 Width: 19”

 Depth: 19”


 ADU: Height: 1000mm

 Width: 700mm

 Depth: 300mm

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