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  • New releasing Dual or Multiband RX Only antenna
    New releasing Dual or Multiband TX Only antenna General Description: Probecom Technologies' Torrance Facility designs, fabricates, and electrically tests waveguide filters and diplexers from 1-40 GHz for the commercial, military applications. A full ...
    2017-04-20  |  Read more
  • Keep an eye on Probecom Ka band Antennas
    Probecom is supplying high quality Ka band antennas with stable performence. The diameter of the Ka band antennas include 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.0m, 3.7m, 4.5m, 6m, 7.3m, 9m, 11.3m, 13m. Please visit for more detailed i...
    2016-02-24  |  Read more
  • Portable Satellite Communications Antenna System from Probecom
    Probecom Microwave Technology Co.,Ltd. is a specialized company engaged in the design and manufacture of Flyaway antenna.include 0.55m flyaway antenna,0.75m flyaway antenna,1.0m flyaway antenna(carbon fiber,aluminum),1.0m auto-tracking flyaway antenn...
    2015-10-27  |  Read more
  • Promotion! 3.7m antenna
    13 set 3.7M standard C band circular polarization antenna with cost price. purchase immediatly, delivery instantly! ...
    2014-07-25  |  Read more
  • Probecom new mode 9m antenna is installing
    Finds Probecom antenna in the nights; finds different Visual experience. ...
    2014-07-17  |  Read more
  • New Model SNG antenna is coming soon
    Probecom new model 1.2M SNG antenna is successfully deign and developed during past few month; Compare with old model 1.2m SNG antenna, the new one is more competitive on performance and price. more details will be provide soon!...
    2014-06-26  |  Read more
  • 3.7m X Band Rx/ Tx Communicate Antenna
    3.7m X Band Rx/ Tx Communicate Antenna Dear valued customs, we are pleased to inform you that our 3.7m X Band Rx/ Tx Communicate Antenna is designed successfully! The main RF specifications are as following: Receive frequency range: 7.25—7.75GHz Tran...
    2014-05-13  |  Read more
  • Cabsat 2014
    Cabsat 2014 Date:11-13 March,2014 Booth No.: Hall 1 C1-32 Location: Dubai World trade center...
    2014-01-02  |  Read more
  • Satellite 2013
    Probecom team will attend satellite 2013 in Washington D.C. They will visit their customers and talk cooperation....
    2013-01-16  |  Read more
  • Cabsat 2013
    2013-01-16  |  Read more