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Probecom’s Ka band antenna series include 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.0m, 3.7m, 4.5m, 6.0m, 7.3m, 9.0m ka band antennas. Probecom’s Ka band antennas adopt all aluminum re-enforced reflectors, consisting of precisely formed panels with matched radials and hub assemblies, ensure the ease of installation. The standard designed azimuth over elevation pedestal provides a cost-effective solution for hign stiffness and stability, full orbital arc coverage and fine drive performance, and ensure the pointing accuracy for Ka-Band.

Probecom’s Ka band antennas are widely and ideally used for Broadcaster, Service Providers, GSM Operator, Satellite Operator, Military and Government Agencies, Free Organization or Rescue Organization. Our Ka antennas include:

74cm Ka Band Offset VSAT 74CM Ka Band

98cm Ka Band Offset VSAT 98CM Ka Band

1.2m Ka Band Offset VSAT 1.2M Ka Band

1.2m Ka Band Antenna 1.2M Ka Band

1.8m Ka Band Antenna 1.8M Ka Band

2.4m Ka Band Antenna 2.4M Ka Band

3.0m Ka Band Antenna 3.0M Ka Band

3.7m Ka Band Antenna 3.7M Ka Band

4.5m Ka Band Antenna 4.5M Ka Band

6.0m Ka Band Antenna 6.0M Ka Band

7.3m Ka Band Antenna 7.3M Ka Band

9.0m Ka Band Antenna 9.0M Ka Band

11.3m Ka Band Antenna 11.3M Ka Band

9.0m Ka Band Antenna 9.0M Ka Band

Highlighted features:

l   High RF performance

l   High gain low sidelobes, low cross polarization

l   Galvanized stainless steel hardware

l   Different frequency ranges from feed configurations

Compared with others, our Ka fixed antenna advantages are competitive price and high gain low side lobe. should you have any requirement please feel free to contact: or follow us at our SNS links:

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