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  • 3.7m X Band Rx/ Tx Communicate Antenna
    3.7m X Band Rx/ Tx Communicate Antenna Dear valued customs, we are pleased to inform you that our 3.7m X Band Rx/ Tx Communicate Antenna is designed successfully! The main RF specifications are as following: Receive frequency range: 7.25—7.75GHz Tran...
    2014-05-13  |  Read more
  • Cabsat 2014
    Cabsat 2014 Date:11-13 March,2014 Booth No.: Hall 1 C1-32 Location: Dubai World trade center...
    2014-01-02  |  Read more
  • Satellite 2013
    Probecom team will attend satellite 2013 in Washington D.C. They will visit their customers and talk cooperation....
    2013-01-16  |  Read more
  • Cabsat 2013
    2013-01-16  |  Read more
  • On the Move antenna
    After years of efforts of our new product has finally emerged. P6500 On the move antenna adopts series of new technology, like: stable tracking system, conical scanning peak value tracking, narrow band satellite beacon identification technology, high...
    2012-08-30  |  Read more
  • New product coming!
    1.8m C band manual carbon fiber fly away antenna Dear customer, we are glad to inform you that our 1.8m manul C band carbon fiber flyaway antenna is on the market right now! The frequency: Rx=3.4-4.2GHz TX=5.85-6.65GHz Welcom to consult!...
    2011-08-09  |  Read more
  • Probecom Appointment a new partner in Philippines
    2011-01-28  |  Read more
  • Ka band Antenna
    Probecom can provide customer with Tx/Rx Ka band antenna from 2.4m to 16m in manual type and motorized type with tracking system. The Ka band antenna frequency will be Rx=19.4-21.2GHz or customer required frequency....
    2010-11-22  |  Read more
  • Satcom 2010 Africa
    2010-03-26  |  Read more
  • Satellite 2010 Conference
    Amsterdam's Schiphol airport evacuated amid bomb threat.Amsterdam's Schiphol airport evacuated amid bomb threat.Amsterdam's Schiphol airport evacuated amid bomb threat....
    2010-03-22  |  Read more