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Meteorological Radars

Boundary Layer Wind Profiler Radar

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The system is a Doppler, steerable beam, boundary layer wind profiles weather radar. with solid-state transmitter ,  that reliably provides continuous  and  real-time  vertical  profiles  of  horizontal wind speed and direction, horizontal wind components, and vertical velocity from 100m up to 3.6km above ground level (agl) in unattended operation. This system Can be extended by adding an optional Radio Acoustic Sounding System (RASS).

  Main technical specifications

  Detection range

  Wind measurement: 100m---3.6km

  Temperature measurement : 100m1.5km

  Wind direction:0°---360°

  Wind speed: Om/s--40m/s

  Vertical air current: 24m/s

  Detection accuracy

  Wind direction:   10°

  Wind speed: 1 m/s

  Vertical air current: 0.25m/s

  Temperature (virtual temperature) : 1


  Altitude: 60m

  Output one group of wind profile:6 min

  Output one group of temperature profile:  3min

boundary layer WPR 3

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