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Antenna Controllers

AC2000D antenna Control system(DC Control System)

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AC2000-D ACS adopt DSP technology, including antenna position detection and DC servo motor, PWM is for DC motor speed adjusting and IPM. It adopts multi-circuit hi-speed digital processor, fully digital control from the antenna position detection and control to double DC motor drive away gap. Motor control mode is for pulse width modulation (PWM) dc speed, power amplifier main loop is using intelligent power module (IPM).

 Azimuth, Elevation DC motor backlash

 Azimuth, Elevation position testing & control 

 Storage of 12 satellite antenna position

 Calculating satellite antenna position according to the longitude

 soft limit, switch prelimit, eventual 3 limit switches space protection

 Elevation collection locking control

 Fault diagnosis and interlock protection, display, alarm and records

 Real-time serial communication

Modes of Operation 


*Manual control speed

*Preset position

*Preset satellite

*Step track, 



Tracking Accuracy

Better than 10% receive 3dB beamwidth RMS in Step Tracking

Position display resolution0.001°

Position control resolution0.002°


Controls / Interfaces

Front panel touch screen control

Serial: RS-485, RS-232

Receiver Interface: 0-10 VDC

Alarm: Summary output


Temperature: 0 to 50° C

Humidity: 95% non-condensing


100-240 VAC,47-63 Hz 500 W typical



ACU:Height: 4 Rack Units

Width: 19”

Depth: 19”

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